Fleet-Of-Foot  Assistive E-Bike Solutions

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Like myself, we share a love for bicycling but with advancing age or some unexpected disability, traditional bicycling becomes difficult to impossible. Additionally, there may be a need to meet new or existing transportation challenges with a better, healthier e-bike solution that is also easy on the environment.

I decided to start this company after having used assistive e-bikes for many years and personally experienced what products provided superior performance and durability as an investment that maintains long term value. In my business career as a quality engineer, I have developed expertise in many areas that directly pertain to e-bike technologies. That is why my Best Brands list is brief, these are the e-bike components I have successfully used and noted real world performance.

I offer products from basic e-bike front hub systems to advanced front, mid-drive and rear hub solutions for your particular assistive e-bike or cargo bike requirements. These showroom bikes are used to actually demonstrate every type of e-bike component that I market. No one should make significant investments sight unseen, which is why the showroom is available as well as a design simulator to assure that your selections are based on engineering and sound science.