Additional Rear Hub Motor Options for the

Fleet-Of-Foot Pedalist Special Edition

Two additional Rear Hub Motor Options are available for the Fleet-Of-Foot Pedalist SE, on the upper left view is the TDCM hybrid direct-drive motor with a Sturney Archer 5-speed IGH in the center. This is a robust IGH perfect for the demands of a heavier bicycle vehicle or cargo bike with a fast 395rpm winding for the 20" wheelset. This upgrade is $150.00

The motor pictured on the upper right view is the eZee V2 Rear Geared Hub Motor that has a fast winding for the 20" wheelset and is now updated for the more robust cassette freehubs (11-32). This motor is a wise choice for the maximum thrust up a severe incline without going to a mid-drive system. Because this is a geared hub motor system, regenerative braking will not be available. This upgrade is $250.00

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