Fleet-Of-Foot  Assistive E-Bike Solutions

The Bafang front hub system was my first experience with an E-Bike conversion. Although I have a technical education and engineer title, the simplicity and quick installation was appreciated. The Bafang system has the small motor controller bundled with the lithium battery pack which allows a simple installation and the ability to move the power pack between several bicycles with an installed motor. The Bafang motor is robust and durable, but is only rated at 250 watts when operated with 24 volt power. This is enough power to help you up that tough hill or to help you go further than you could before. The system uses an on/off button instead of a variable throttle for this lower wattage system. The complete system, motor, controller and battery is warranted by Clean Republic for 1 year,

If the Bafang front hub system (the Hill Topper), is appropriate for your unique E-Bike requirements, I will confirm the suitability of your bicycle frame and fork. I will supply a quality double-wall rim using 13 gauge spokes and an E-Bike rated tire with tube that will be professionally laced by a local bicycle shop. You will retain the original front tire and rim from your bicycle to allow the Hill Topper system to be moved to another bicycle if desired. The Bafang front hub motor system works with most bicycles from 20" to 29". I have 3 Bafang equiped bicycles at the showroom for your demo and inspection. A Schwinn Wayfarer ladies bicycle, a Raleigh 29"er equipped with the Gates Belt Drive system and a Giant Revive semi-recumbent 20" with the Bafang system permanently installed.

Bafang Front Hub Motor System