Experience is often the best teacher. Gaining the experience of what is a bad to great bicycle utility trailer was both painful and rewarding. Because now, I can offer you the type of bicycle trailer that I constructed for myself at a reasonable price and sized to your specific needs. I started bicycle camping with a China sourced steel trailer, that was strong but heavy with poorly designed hubs on an axle that represented oxen technology. As an alternative I sourced a base bicycle trailer kit from a small quality manufacturer that uses 1" square tubing as the body structure. Additionally, I added a HDPE lightweight decking with stainless steel fasteners and tie-downs. By using high grade structural aluminum square tubing of appropriate wall thicknesses, the improved camping bicycle trailer was fabricated and put to the test. Exceptionally strong, light weight, rolls low and smooth with bearing hubs and a quality wheelset. The trailer I made for myself is 24" x 48" that works well with my camping gear. This modular trailer system allows any size of bicycle trailer of any purpose to be fabricated easily. If you have a specific bicycle trailer requirement or feature set, please contact me for a quotation and build time.

The bicycle trailer that I designed and fabricated for camping is on display at my showroom. The trailer uses a simple style hitch interface that can be installed on your bicycle in minutes, enabling you to hook up to the demo bicycle trailer and experience first hand the ease of pulling a finely built bicycle trailer solution.

Bicycle Trailers - Custom Fabricated

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