Fleet-Of-Foot  Assistive E-Bike Solutions

A cargo bicycle coupled with an assistive E-Bike motor system provides the perfect vehicle to begin reducing those short car trips for shopping or child transport. The idea of One Less Car, can be made a reality with a quality cargo E-Bike. From my personal experience with many types of bicycles, I completely agree with the philosophy of Xtracycle and Grin Technologies, keep the weight low. The Xtracycle EdgeRunner Cargo Bicycle is the result of that approach and is available through Grin Technologies as a specially equipped E-Bike system using the CycleStoker motor system designed and manufactured by them. With the power train efficiencies demonstrated by the newest bottom bracket E-Bike motors that directly power the hub through the chain. This approach is improved with the CycleStoker for cargo bicycle applications. The bulletproof Ezee V2 hub motor is utilized as the power source coupled with a special Patterson Metropolis bottom bracket, Grinfinion controller and Cycle Analyst V3. The result is the most intuitive powered cargo E-Bike available with torque based pedalec control.

You have to ride an EdgeRunner to fully appreciate the handling of a bicycle that is loaded for heavy tasks. An EdgeRunner demo is available for your examination and demo ride at my showroom. Currently, this 2014 EdgeRunner is equipped with a bottom bracket motor that will be replaced with the CycleStoker system this Winter and will be operational as a CycleStoker by Spring 2016.

Cargo Bicycles

The Electric EdgeRunner - CycleStoker