Fleet-Of-Foot  Assistive E-Bike Solutions

There are many bicycle based applications for a more powerful heavy duty assistive E-Bike motor such as the Ezee V2 motor that is specially sourced from Grin Technologies. This motor is rated for 500 to 1000 watts and will function with 36 to 48 volts applied. This is a durable motor for high stress applications such as cargo/utility bicycles, tandem bicycles, extreme degree of grades or excessive mileage in a commute. This is a powerful motor and needs to be installed with at least one torque arm and with steel forks the best for the front hub version, otherwise a rear hub installation is preferred. This motor is fully integrated with the E-Bike system components from Grin Technologies such a the Cycle Analyst V3, Grinfinion controllers, accessory lightning and many others options. Additionally, the Ezee motor has a 2 year warranty which reflects an exceptional level of consistent quality.  The BEST custom system can be designed for you using the Grin Technologies motor simulator to give specific guidance on the final system configuration.

If you would like to examine the Ezee Hub Motor installed as a complete system, a rear hub motor equipped Trek 4900 fat tire bicycle is available at the showroom. Additionally, the front hub motor equipped system is represented with a customized Roland Team Sport tandem bicycle available to demo.

Ezee Hub Motor (front or rear)