The Standard Factory Pedalist has successfully combined the functionality of a tadpole style front cargo bike with a light weight enclosure for year round use in all weather. By adding electric motor assist via a quality Bafang mid-drive propulsion system, the Pedalist is ready meet your everyday transportation needs. But, are mid-drive crank motors the only propulsion solution? With the availability of newly released state of the art controllers and rear hub motors from Grin Technology, the answer is no, both approaches will provide specific advantages that give the consumer a broad choice on the best propulsion solution that will meet their specific transportation needs. As an authorized dealer for Grin Technology and for Virtue Cycles, I have developed this Special Edition version of the Pedalist by combining the newly released FOV controller, the Phaserunner, with 3 unique rear hub motors also from Grin Technology. With the industry standard e-bike control head/display, the Cycle Analyst CA3, these alternative rear hub motor systems can be uniquely tailored to you specific riding style and requirements.

The standard Fleet-Of-Foot Pedalist SE consists of the direct-drive Nine Continent M2705RD or M2706RD Rear Hub Motor updated with 0.35mm Laminations for reduced rolling drag and higher peak efficiency. Includes Statorade internal coolant for maximum heat transfer and an internal thermistor for high temperature sensing with thermal rollback. This state-of-the-art hub motor is then controlled by the Phaserunner, a premium compact field oriented motor controller (FOC) just released by Grin Technology that is ideally suited for running brushless motors in the 500-2000 watt range providing exceptionally smooth throttle response. This system is completed with the Cycle Analyst CA3 control head/display also from Grin Technology that is now an industry standard for heads up display information specific to e-bike requirements. With this adaptability, a 12 pole crank pedelec sensor is standard coupled with a variable position pedal assist switch. Finally, the lithium battery (charger included) for the power system is upgraded premium high capacity lithium cells for better performance with the direct-drive rear hub motor. The Fleet-Of-Foot Pedalist SE is priced the same as the Standard Factory Pedalist with a MSRP of $4990.00 with a $650 flat shipping charge from San Diego added for a total of $5640.00 FOB Origin from my Dayton Showroom.

Q. Since both versions have the same cost picked up at your showroom, what are some advantages of the Fleet-Of-Foot Pedalist SE?

Regenerative Braking (including variable regenerative mode), your braking will now be adding wasted power back into the lithium battery extending your effective range of travel.

Torque Throttle improved controller response with the Phaserunner field oriented motor controller (FOV).

Reverse Travel under power is enabled with a simple push button control for backing up under power when needed.

Silent Motor Operation is standard with modern direct-drive hub motors like the Nine Continent 9C+ series now available.

48 Volt - 11.5  Amp Lithium High Current Battery system ideally suited for direct-drive motors providing less overall vehicle weight.

Cycle Analyst CA3 control head/display allows for multiple configurations and future adaptability, the industry standard.

Additional Rear Hub Motor and Gearing Options Available.

Q. Is there a difference in how the Mid-Drive Motor verses the Rear Hub Motor Pedalist rides in power and or pedal mode?

The greatest advantage of the Mid-Drive Motor System is also a disadvantage for some riders due to the interplay between the gear shifting and the RPM of the motor system as that power is simultaneously applied directly to the rear hub gearing with the riders pedaling cadence. The best metaphor for this is driving a stick shift car, it takes some concentration, but can become more natural over time. I remember some drivers who were real gearbox grinders back in the day and never did catch on to a stick shift. With the rear hub motor (direct-drive or geared drive), the motor propulsion is not inputted directly into the gearing but instead is directly tied to the wheelset. This arrangement is inherently simpler to operate for most riders of electric assisted bicycles and bicycle vehicles.

Q. What if I don't want a motor assist system, I have a very strong pedal stroke and my commute distance is relatively flat terrain?

Fleet-Of-Foot will be stocking "pedal only" Pedalist that can be upgraded to motor assist at a later date.

Fleet-Of-Foot Pedalist Special Edition

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