Fleet-Of-Foot  Assistive E-Bike Solutions

Of the many E-Bike motor systems available, the geared hub motor (front or rear) has proven to be the most durable and cost effective approach for assistive electric motors that compliment the pedaling bicyclist. Additionally, these motor systems are smaller which will result in an E-Bike build that is lighter and continues to look like a normal bicycle. Based upon my personal experience over many years of bicycle to E-bicycle conversions, I have created the simplified, Good - Better - Best geared hub motor solutions. The best way to know what system is the best one for you is by trying each one out during a real world demo that is backed up with the motor simulator calculations of you particular distance and hill climbing requirements. Each of these motor systems are ready to demo at my showroom as well as the opportunity to use the Grin Tech motor simulator that will provide guidance on motor wattage and battery requirements. The best 3 hub motor systems:


The Bafang front hub system, 250 watts, 24 volts lithium powered. Distributed by Clean Republic.


The Bafang G01 front hub system, 250-500 watts, 36-48 volts lithium powered. Distributed by Grin Technologies.


The Ezee hub system (front & rear), 500-1000 watts, 36-48 volts lithium powered. Distributed by Grin Technologies.

Geared Hub Motor Solutions