Fleet-Of-Foot  Assistive E-Bike Solutions

The Bafang G01 front hub motor when combined with the Grin Tech Cycle Analyst V3 and an enhanced Grinfinion motor controller provides a sophisticated assistive E-Bike conversion for more demanding requirements. This is the best value available in today's E-Bike conversion market due to reasonable pricing, multiple configurations/options and excellent durability with a 1 to 3 year warranty on specific system components. The Bafang G01 system will be sufficient for the distance and hill climbing needs of the majority of users. The first step in selecting any E-Bike conversion system is to first determine the parameters of the intended use. Then, this information is loaded into the Grin Tech motor simulator model to provide feedback on the recommended motor, controller and battery selections. As we transition from the GOOD system to the BETTER system, the first option will be operating voltage which for this system is 36 to 48 volts lithium. The best performance to cost ratio is achieved by selecting a 48 volt lithium system of some watt/hour capacity. The motor simulator inputs total distance required per battery charge, the number and degree grade of inclines encountered and the amount of power contributed by pedaling style. Within these parameters, the best system for the intended use is selected, which will provide for an E-Bike system conversion that will achieve the customer's requirements. Additionally, this hub motor is equipped with a built-in 10K thermister to monitor motor temperature providing a safeguard when operating the motor under extreme conditions and higher voltages.

With this flexible system, user customization is encouraged such as: type of variable throttle, pedalec functionality, torque based pedalec functionality, 3-position power mode switch, variable power potentiometer, power output lead and connection jack for accessories and the ability to update firmware and programming for the customer as needed. The most obvious benefits come from the Cycle Analyst which will monitor battery power used and remaining, speed and miles with system totals at the end of the bike ride. What was my pedaling input? The Cycle Analyst will provide the watt hours per mile used by the system.

To demo this exciting technology, I have a custom built, fully equipped commuter bicycle by Torker, the InterUrbanE which has many of the above options with the Bafang G01 front hub motor for your inspection.

Bafang G01 Front Hub System