Fleet-Of-Foot  Assistive E-Bike Solutions

Pedalist Pricing at Fleet-Of-Foot

$4990.00    Factory Standard (mid-drive motor powered) with 48V 32A battery.

$4990.00    Fleet-Of-Foot Special Edition (rear direct-drive motor powered) with Lunacycle Shark 48V 11.5 A battery.

$3790.00    Fleet-Of-Foot Pedal-Only (Non-Powered) Pedalist (battery for lighting included)
        (Pedal-Only Pedalist is easily upgraded to a variety of motor powered solutions.)

$450.00    Upgrade 48V 11.5 A battery to AllCell NP-4823 48V 23A two-year warranty USA made.

$150.00    Upgrade rear direct-drive motor from 11-32 freewheel to 5 speed IGH version.

$250.00    Upgrade rear direct-drive motor to Ezee rear geared-drive motor with 11-32 freewheel.

$300.00    Upgrade single speed crankset to Patterson Metropolis 2-speed IGH crankset (39T - 62T)

$75.00      Comfort Upgrade: Origin8 Handlebars with Ergon Comfort Hand Grips.

$75.00      Comfort Upgrade: ISM Cruise Wide Comfort Ergonomic Saddle.

$300.00    Gel Coat Color upgrade charge (currently 2 colors available: Fire Engine Red & Black).

$750.00    Custom Spray Paint Color based upon availability and cost.

Default Pedalist and Pedalist SE color is white unless an upgraded color is ordered.
Shipping from San Diego is a flat charge of $650 added to the final product price.
Customer is responsible for pickup arrangements from Fleet-Of-Foot showroom.
Ohio sales tax is charged for all in-state sales.