Fleet-Of-Foot  Assistive E-Bike Solutions

Pedalist SE - Features & Upgrades

Getting the most value with your Pedalist purchase starts with shipping it from San Diego affordably as the shipping costs are passed on to the purchaser. By using a special lightweight pallet system and negotiated shipping rates, Fleet-Of-Foot now offers a flat $600 shipping fee from San Diego with pickup at the showroom. For a singularly shipped Pedalist to the Midwest, there is no match to this price point.

The Pedalist SE powered edition comes with a keyed on/off switch in tandem with a reverse direction control button. Speed and battery status is conveyed with the handlebar stem mounted Cycle Analyst. All Pedalist SE units have a stem extension installed as a standard feature. The handlebars/handgrips can be upgraded as shown as well as the standard saddle to a ISM custom saddle. The rear seat platform has tie-downs points installed as another standard feature.