Fleet-Of-Foot  Assistive E-Bike Solutions

I invite you to come out to my E-Bike showroom that is located and set up to provide a sound foundation in selecting an E-Bike solution for your alternative transportation requirements. First, every e-bike system that I market is available for inspection installed on an appropriate bike to illustrate the unique qualities of that particular system. Second, the showroom is located directly on a dedicated bike path that leads the Iron Horse Rail Trail. When you are test riding an E-Bike, you will have a realistic experience with the equipment and a better insight as to what is the best E-Bike system for your unique requirements.

The showroom is located in Kettering at 4125 Hempstead Station Drive, Unit #508, at the Simply Self Storage. Equipment inspections and test rides are scheduled by appointment with preferred times weekday afternoons and weekends.  The showroom is located by the front main gate, just call my business number when you arrive and I will escort you the short distance to the showroom.

Showroom Location