Fleet-Of-Foot  Assistive E-Bike Solutions

As E-Bikes continue to evolve as a serious transportation alternative, the everyday use of them will always be limited by the weather conditions at the moment or forecast. I have experienced bicycling and being rained on, both lightly and a complete soaking. These are negative bicycle experiences and rather than be stoic about that rain, I choose to use innovation and engineering from Veltop located in France, manufacturer of the Veltop Weather Protection Systems. The Veltop Weather Protection System consists of a lightweight front fairing that attaches to a top integrated cover that uses fiberglass poles for the frame. This system works well and can be installed on most styles of bicycles and E-Bikes, recumbents too. I am an authorized dealer for Veltop Weather Protection Systems and can show you fully installed examples of the Veltop system with factory fabric swatches of available colors.

You can test drive the Giant Revive semi-recumbent E-Bike equipped with a Veltop system or the EdgeRunner Cargo E-Bike for a firsthand experience with real weather protection for bicycles.

Veltop Weather Protection